What You Need To Know About Installing An Electronic Sign

Installing an Electronic Sign


In today’s marketing and business world, it is imperative to incorporate electronic media. Businesses across the world understand the importance of digital signage, thus they are incorporating LED signs in every part of their business. You will see LED display in conference rooms, in the cafeteria, and on the roadside. Different LED displays serve different purposes. The wide variety of LED screen makes them very appealing. Everyone wants to install an LED screen. However, there are certain things that you need to know about installing an Electronic sign.

Despite all the companies claiming that installing an Electronic sign is a piece of cake, it is not true. We hate to burst the bubble, but installing an Electronic sign requires some technical education. You do not have to be a complete technician, yet you do need to understand the terms. Sometimes, it is better to take help from a professional. After all, you would not want to save a couple of dollars and end up losing thousands.

An LED screen does not come cheap. Therefore, you have to be careful during the installation process. With no experience, there is a probability of you damaging the electronic sign. Nonetheless, if you do plan to handle installation on your own, we recommend you go through our article. It will guide in the best possible way on what you need to know about installing an Electronic Sign.

Below are the important parts of the electronic sign installation process.


Survey Services


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Over the years, industries preparation of LED displays has evolved a lot. Design partners, integrators and end-users are called upon to take surveys that will determine the effectiveness of the digital signage along with other elements.

We firmly believe that a good foundation for any successful project is preparation and digital signage is no exception. To ensure that you get the best of your LED sign, a brief survey is necessary. For the success of your Electronic message, you need a site survey.

A site survey will allow you to understand different restrictions that the municipality has in place. You will be surprised to learn that a municipality usually has numerous restrictions in place. Therefore, the best way to go about installation an Electronic sign is to know about these restrictions well before time. You do not want to invest time, money and energy in the design and estimating process before actually knowing what is allowed and what not. A survey will help you figure out what I allowed, where can the sign be placed, the type of content allowed on the sign and the type of sin allowed.

A digital sign survey is really helpful if your customer’s objective is to retrofit or update an existing sign. It is worth the shot as you will be able to estimate the cost and get a true scope of the work without actually engaging into any sort of work. The survey will give you an idea of whether the existing sign is worth the investment.

For the customers to see how the future sign will look nice, you can always add pictures with the site survey.


Obtaining the Permits



You may think that obtaining the Permits is easy, however, it is a bit of a challenge. Getting permits for the ideal location that reaches a mass of audience can be a tricky task. You will have to work with the municipality in order to get the permit.

In addition, you will require a permit from the state as well. You will have to put in a lot of work in order to get the permit. However, the work is worth the effort as you will get the opportunity to maximize your brand's exposure and impression. You will be able to reach out to a large number of audiences at one time.

Below are some tips that will make things easier for you. If you follow these tips, it would be easy to work with the municipality and local authorities. Take the points below to your first meeting and hopefully, it will be a success.


  1. Start with explaining how the proposed board is bound to increase the revenue for the company. The increased revenue will lead to increased taxes that the company will be paying to the city or the country. In addition, the retailers will see an increase in their sales, thus it will lead to an increase in the sales tax revenue as well.
  2. The local workforce will also benefit for the LED display an increase in the business is going to create more job opportunities.
  3. Your digital sign can also act as an effective way to communicate community messages in the hour of need. It can be used to quickly inform the locals about some emergency.
  4. The local authorities can also take advantage of the digital sign as well. They can share the pictures and information regarding fugitives and thus help in capturing them.
  5. The digital board offers amazing community services. The OOH industry has been able to donate more than $500 million in public services.
  6. There are studies by Federal and state that confirm that LED displays are not responsible for causing accidents, thus they are very safe.
  7. If the community is concerned about its brightness, they do not have to worry. The modern LED displays come with automatically adjust brightness level feature. The LED screen will adjust its brightness level according to the level of brightness around it.
  8. Lastly, LED displays do not consume a lot of energy. They are cost effective as well as energy efficient.
  9. Your digital billboard will meet the FFC compliance, as you understand the importance of the FCC standards. In addition, your digital signage will meet the FCC standards on electromagnetic noise. This is very rare with LED displays.
  10. Your digital sign will not interfere with FAA traffic, with emergency services or with cell phone services.


Structural Engineering


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Once the pre-installation work is done including the sign survey and the getting the permits, the next step is more technical. We are going to talk about the structural engineering aspect of digital signage.

The formal definition of structural engineering is that it is a theory based on applied empirical and physical laws. You use the knowledge derived from these two factors in order to find the structural performance of different geometries and their materials.

The same holds true in case of an LED display. The structural engineers tend to use simple structural elements in order to come up with a complex structural system. You will be making efficient and creative ways of using structural elements, the funds at your disposal and the materials in order to come up with the right type of LED screens.

After finding the location, structural engineering will give you an idea regarding the size and the structure of the LED screen that you plan to install. You will be designing everything from scratch. For instance, if you are installing a billboard, you will have to think about the height of the text, the speed of the text along with the height of the billboard. How you plan to elevate the billboard. What are the factors that will ensure the stability of the billboard? How to ensure that the billboard will stay intact every during extreme weather conditions?


LED Fabrication


There are so many different LED technologies available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right kind of LED technology can be a daunting task. The numerous aspects of LED structure and its fabrication further complicate things. In this case, you will need the assistance of a professional, as they will be able to better guide you in a proper manner.


Final Installation of an LED display


LED installation does require some technical assistance. Nonetheless, we will tell you about the different ways of installing an LED display. Some of these methods include unipole type, embedded type, hanging type, wall mounted, building roof type and double column type.

These different installation types require different frames. People have now realized that frames are very important for the smooth installation of the screen. The screen design can attract consumer instantly, thus we suggest you to opt for a unique and different display frame. Make sure you install the LED display the right way, the first time. Changing display frame would be very difficult later on.


Unipole and Double-Column type


These two types are used for outdoor LED display. In the case of unipole, we suggest a screen size less than 30sqm and for double column type, we recommend about 100sqpm at maximum.


Wall Embedded types are used for indoor LED screen. Make sure that the wall you plan to embed the LED screen on, it must be solid concrete. Reason being, there is no space at the back for it to hold it. So, make sure that the wall is strong and it can hold the LED Display.

The wall mount is the most common installation type for both indoor as well as outdoor LED screens. The frame is going to be fixed in the wall, thus it is important that the screen is lightweight. Ensure that the total weight of the screen including the weight of the frame should not be heavier to the load-bearing weight of the wall.

The hanging type frame is for semi-outdoor as well as indoor screens. Make sure that the screen is lightweight, thus making it easier for the LED panel to be hung. Make sure you calculate the wind force for the semi-outdoor LED screen.


Building Rooftop


For building rooftop, make sure that the screen is facing the main street. The angle is very important along with the maximum viewing distance. You can determine the screen size with the help of maximum viewing distance. Bigger screen size means that people will be able to see your digital signage from a great distance.


Testing an LED display


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Now that you are done with installation, the final step is to test your LED display. There are different ways of testing however, we will focus on the simplest one. All you need to do is to test both black and whites images. Start with the darkest level (0) and take it to the brightest level (255). For example, 0-32, then start with 32-64, and so on.

Once you do this, your eyes will tell you the rest. They will tell you about the contrast ratio, the existed dead pixels, the color changing, pixel missing or color difference. You will be able to find all most all the problems via these white images.

We firmly believe that a perfect white image is an excellent way to test your LED display. Below are some tools that will aid your testing process.


Tools: You will need software, called LED tester. The manufacturers always use this software to test LED displays.

Image Materials:Images made in Photoshop. The colors that you will need include Blue, Red, Green, Black, and White. They should be from light to dark.

Video Material: Videos having the same resolution as your digital display screen. This will give you the real effect on how it will look to your potential consumers. In addition, take videos of other resolution as well to test your screen.

Note: If you play enlarged or compressed videos, you will not get the best-effected based on pixel displaying.

After you are done checking the quality of the LED display’s screen, the next step involves testing the refresh rate, the brightness in board sunlight and the waterproofing. You need to ensure that your LED screen performance well in extreme weather conditions as wel.