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History of billboards - Recap


LED billboards are part and parcel of contemporary businesses. Interestingly billboard is not a modern world invention. The foremost outdoor messages communicated were probably from Egyptian monument’s inscriptions. It was 1450 with the invention of movable type printing modern advertisement took place via handbills. Once the lithographic process reached perfection in 1796 the very first detailed posture was made public. Years passed by and the modes of advertising evolved. With the accidental discovery of LED, a paradigm shift was observed in advertisement strategies and preferences. Today you will hardly found any country where LED billboards are not present.


What are Digital or LED billboards?


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Although known to many but for naïve readers LED billboards or digital billboards are the billboards that exhibit changing images or video content. They comprise light emitting diodes (LEDs). The size of LEDs is as small as a Christmas light meticulously installed in an array. It takes thousands of functional LEDs to display the crystal clear image quality. The customer undergoes a near-TV experience in terms of color, quality, and resolution. This ensures that advertiser will captivate the client.


LED billboard- A Perfect combination


Digital billboards or you can say LED billboards embrace the perks of conventional billboard advertising combined with the convenience of current technology and innovation. The slideshow of advertisement continues to run on the digital sign every 6-8 seconds. LED billboards are absolutely computer-controlled with the diversity of displaying text, alphanumeric, symbolic or visual content.


Main motives of digital billboards


Making money remains the prime motive of digital billboards. How? Very simple! Any business starts succeeding as soon as it is able to retain the customer’s eye. Once the customer spends a few minutes in reading offers or watching visuals chances are bright that it will convert into an actual buyer. LED billboards also trigger peer to peer marketing. Now, what’s that? Imagine you read an advertisement about Mc Donald’s latest New Year offer but declined as you were on a diet. But on reaching college you found your friend craving for fast food. Suddenly, the finger-licking burger will click in your mind and you will tell your friend the ongoing deal at MC Donald’s. Congratulations! The digital sign worked its charm.


LED billboards can be instrumental for displaying public service messages, addressing the public at large. These billboards are ideal for the information or messages that need to be reinforced time and again. A large chunk of the population in third world countries are illiterate. Digital signs using powerful images and video content massively played a role in communicating health and education awareness in slums.


Digital Billboard advertising rates


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Affording digital signage is not everyone’s cup of tea. On average the total digital billboard advertising rates may vary from $2000 to $7000 per week. There is no rule of thumb about the exact amount as a number of factors are involved. The chief consideration, however, remains the location. How much human traffic will see the digital sign will determine its worth.


Are off-premise LED sign advertising energy efficient?


Of course yes!

Firstly it is paperless so it is conserving paper and ultimately trees. Secondly, LEDs utilize 95% of energy in light so wastage in the form of heat is minimal. Last but not least, the running cost of LEDs is very low. It requires very low voltage and current for optimal efficacy.


LED billboard power consumption


Businesses remain concern about what to expect from the electricity bill? Irresponsible LED vendors will try to deviate the customer’s attention from this very important question. But companies like DAKCO will never since they believe honesty is the best policy. Anyone can estimate the electricity bill with simple mathematics. Follow these steps


Know local power rates: it is essential to know what your local service provider is charging you per kilowatt of power. You can either call them or search the rates online. This is not something really technical so let’s move ahead. For the understanding purpose, suppose price/kW is $0.10.


Determine the power rating of an LED sign: power consumption of LEDs is normally given by the manufacturer. It might be possible that the vendor mentions ampere and voltage separately. By applying simple formula power in watts can be calculated


Watts= Amps * Voltage

For example, the EMC rate is 6amps installed with a 110-volt source

Watt = 6 * 110 = 660 watts of power consumption per hour or 0.66kW of power

Assuming that the client is using the LED sign throughout 24hours at peak power, it will cost around

Cost= Power consumption per hour (kW)*cost per kW*hours

Cost=$0.66*0.10*24=$1.584 per day (peak and peak-off rates vary from country to country do check them prior calculation)

For more careful estimate assume LED sign is a twice EMC operating with full output without any disturbance, the cost becomes

Cost= $1.584*2= $3.168 per day


LED signs on average operate on one-third of maximum power rating. Please note that while estimating calculations take the figures for entire LEDs, not just the one. Some people easily miss this point, we hope you are not one of them.


Digital billboard companies




With many new entrants in the industry, the competition is heating up. However, we would suggest you to never play blind. Why risk your huge investment by choosing inexperienced manufacturers? Experts say that businesses like DAKCO who have been ruling for at least 10 years should be taken as a benchmark. The continuously growing clientele and sustainability in the industry for so long testifies the worth of digital billboard companies.


What to do if you need Digital billboard repair?


Dealing with reliable LED signage manufacturers is utterly important for the peace of mind. Good quality digital billboards from quality LED manufacturers like DAKCO will hardly test your nerves. But since machines are prone to errors and faults we can’t completely negate its presence. Get to know something about digital billboard repair basics. Let’s discuss what to do if troubleshooting becomes inevitable.


Power: Power remains the foremost cause of LED signage issues. If optimum power is not reaching your digital billboards or LED signs you may encounter a series of issues. We will be discussing some power failure reasons that affect the operation efficacy of LED signs. Sometimes it’s only the power and voltage that is troubling you and not the repairs. Re-examine power supply if any of these occur:


  • The sign is operating on a generator
  • The LED sign appears blank and you fail to communicate and command
  • Any type of portable power is employed in the LED sign
  • The sign remains non-functional after the standard procedure of troubleshooting
  • The LED sign is working on multiple circuits and some of them go blank


Voltage: all electrical devices are tuned to work on specified voltages. Mostly either they operate on 120 or 230 volts with a margin of plus or minus 10%. Get ready for digital billboard repair if you run 120volts designed digital sign on 230 volts and vice versa. The results could be simply shocking. You can identify the voltage drop problem if


  • LED sign work momentarily and then discontinue working time and again
  • LED sign or the components fall off at irregular intervals. Sometimes tornados and tsunamis completely uproot the digital billboards
  • The sign is installed far away from the power source. since voltage need to travel across large distances sufficient voltage drop on reaching the destination
  • Wires can be instrumental for the working of digital billboard. GOD forbid if small wires are used they can easily damage LED sign because of melting, overheating or voltage drop.


Taking care of LED signs and digital billboards




A brief homework about sign’s parts and their proper functioning can add some more useful years to its life. Keep a close eye on the following to enjoy maximum efficiency of digital billboards


  • Discoloration and melting of connectors and wires
  • Rest assure that extension cords fit the commercial requirements. Undersized wires and cords are not encouraged
  • Voltage drop values between the power source and the LED sign
  • Loose connections- i.e. the electrical connection of LED circuit becomes weak. It can be caused while servicing or installation. Loose connections can allow excess heat to pile up. Rest assure whether


  1. Signs are working in hot or warm weather only
  2. Signs are flickering time and again
  3. Point where power is measured. Either it is the terminal only or on the sign


Never miss out checking the power source


You may experience faulty LED signs due to power source failure. It could be due to distortion in the power line or issues with the power panel. Pay due importance to

Tripped breakers

The sign may display nothing means no sort of communication at all


How LED billboards are protected from electricity fluctuation


The credit goes to breaker amperage. Breakers are normally employed in electrical circuits as a safeguard against fluctuating power. It does so by interfering flow of electricity both in case of overloading or shortage.

LED signboard are sophisticated devices with a specific rating for current. Therefore choosing the right breaker is essential. Once the current value exceeds the limit of the breaker, it will simply trip.


Pick the right billboard to get your business noticed


led signs


If you are a city chic you would have probably noticed LED signs and billboards all around the city. Advertisers carefully work on mind sciences and display the content that is appealing and enticing. As they leave an impression on the mind, therefore, they are normally brightly colored with targeted text that is short but precise.

All billboards look alike apparently but in reality, they are different from each other in terms of shape, size, and prices. A careful analysis is duly required to assess the actual billboard that will justify the need. If you are confused you can easily contact the congenial staff of DAKCO to guide you. Let’s talk about the classification of billboards


  1. Standard billboards


These are the conventional and most common class of billboards one can observe on regular basis. The ads are paper printed and pasted by workers to the billboard. To your surprise some billboards even today are hand-painted.


  1. Digital Billboards


Digital or LED billboards are taking the world by storm due to its swiftness and convenience for both supplier and advertiser. The marketing campaign can be launched instantaneously without any delay. Its hassle free because waiting time is evaded. All the time involved in taking down the billboard and pasting the new ads is saved. Advertisers get the opportunity to run their ads in a specified time slot instead of 24 hours. This is a cost-cutting strategy for businesses tight on finances.


  1. Trivision Billboards


Also known as a three-message sign, this trivision billboard comprises of triangular prisms present inside a frame. On rotating at a 120-degree angle each prism showcase a new advert. Three different messages or discrete images can be simultaneously displayed on Trivision. This sort of billboard has both outdoor and indoor application. It is equally good for commercial purposes.


  1. Wallscape


It would not be wrong if we say them Giants, since they are the largest billboard any advertiser can purchase. Mostly they are referred as signature pieces in an off-premises advertising campaign. Their sizes may vary, mostly 700 square feet plus. They can be printed, or hand painted but the popularity remains the same. They are known to be creating everlasting impressions on the mind.


Since 1867 billboards are regarded as a powerful advertising tool. Even today the invention of LED and digital billboards have opened new advertising avenues. Reaching customers directly has never been so much easier. However, it is always advised to assess advertising and marketing requirement and then pick the right billboard accordingly.



Safety Concerns


LED billboards always call for safety concerns. This is logical because the visual content or lucrative deals are enticing enough to distract the driver. The crisp images of beautiful women flaunting their youth and charm are indulging enough to spoil the driver’s attention. The results are unfortunately disastrous.

Useful tip: Always enjoy billboards when not driving to avoid crashes.