LED Billboards vs Traditional Billboards: Should You Upgrade?

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Business expansion always seeks to employ various techniques. Owners and business managers of all small to medium, and also large businesses, therefore, tend to make the best use of business expansion methods. ‘Reach out to the public or maximum potential customers’ remains the focal point in whichever way one may choose for this purpose.


Evolution phases of advertising


To introduce business or products to customers, the world has been through orthodox ways. They have been using ‘hand-bills’ ‘handouts’ and newspapers or print media. The advent of electronics specifically brought major changes to almost all aspects of human life. It also extended a modern revolution to business and business promotion techniques. Television and later computer, further bettered with the internet have raised human connectivity to the highest degree throughout the world. The business managers could now use advertising beyond any geographic and human imagination limits.


Why digital billboards took over traditional billboards?


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Advertisement of businesses and business products is essentially the soul of business expansion methods. To advertise, the world over the decades has seen beautifully painted still-boards. They were usually installed at suitable angles along roadsides, on highways and at every hook and corner of towns or cities. But the messages displayed has always been silent and very limited. Innovation, however, brought us to billboards. The traditional billboards still lacked the capacity to speak out more convincingly as compared to TV advertisements. LED displays, therefore, appeared as the next alternative. LED signs have much more advertising capacity. Out of home i.e. digital out-of-home (DOOH), has, therefore, become the name of the game.

Today, LED Billboards or digital billboards now can be seen digitally displaying advertisements in the most eye-catching way. One can see traveling by road, rail or subway. However, traditional billboards are still in use for SME, perhaps due to investments involved. But LED signage has added a lot of advantages over traditional billboards which must not be overlooked by business promotion managers.


Advantages of LED Billboards over Traditional Billboards


To work out the substantial advantages of LED displays, a broad comparison may be made in the following terms:


Cost Effectiveness


Business promotion managers always have a critical eye over ‘investment-return’ equation. Apparently, traditional billboards are cost-effective in terms of initial and one-time investment. The cost of digital billboards varies from $3000/month to $10,000/month (smaller to larger cities). Cost-effectiveness also depends on:


Flexibility in the message: Traditional billboards have limitations that hinder business growth. Why? Because these billboards are printed with fixed messages about the business/products. Apart from being static and dull, traditional billboards are subject to a lot of wear and tear due to weather. They completely wore out sooner often because of discoloration. This has a serious negative impact on the brand or product being advertised.


Reinvesting cost of traditional billboards: Marketing a business is a constant struggle. Businesses should attract customers by adding incentives and exploiting their expectations. A worn-out traditional fixed billboard displaying a static advertisement will greatly fail to achieve any goal. Also, it will generate revolting feelings in the minds of daily passersby. For business managers, these billboards ultimately become a business liability. Replacing such billboards with other typical traditional billboards is like entirely reinvesting for the same limited gain with a similar cycle to re-play.


Unsure profit margins: Another problem is rent or cost of ‘point-of placement’ which have to be borne by a single owner of billboard on a regular basis. Marketing occasions, as well as profit margins of traditional billboard owners, are therefore constantly under threat.


Visibility matters: Traditional billboards are not visible in night/ dark or not readable in full distantly. So, you can easily add these points to the list of ‘how infeasible traditional billboards are’ in the presence of LED billboards. Hence, traditional billboards are not cost-effective in the long run.


A little more investment to employ the latest technology brings a lot of business growth. Hence, in its totality LED Billboards are the most cost-effective. Businesses have greatly acknowledged the effectiveness of excellent advertisement and marketing using digital billboards. This could bring a new flourishing businesses opportunities to the manufacturers of LED displays, LED signs, digital displays, and digital signs, etc. The display manufacturers are actively busy day and night in producing ‘LED School sign’, “LED church sign’, ‘LED business sign’, ‘roadside LED sign’ and so on.


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Digital billboards are simply convincing


LED billboards on the other hand display and advertise various incentives in the most effective way on TV like dynamic screens. Digital signage is, in fact, flag-bearer of multiple advertisements at a single spot. It is dynamic, most eye-catching and has the capacity to reach out the maximum number of potential customers. They do so through bright colorful rotating displays. Owing to this feature they are also called motional billboards.


Digital billboards offer more than entertainment


Electronically controlled LED billboards to display advertisements one after the other after pre-defined time intervals. Viewers at public places like markets, airports, railway stations, etc. watch these outdoor digital displays usually as an entertainment. However, the impacts are imprinted in their memories and minds. This result in all win-win situations, for the customers as well as the businessmen. Reliable sources/surveys reveal that 80% of commuters consciously look at the digital boards. Why? Because they are easily visible from larger distances. Unlike traditional billboards which are not clearly visible at night under poor light arrangements, LED billboards to work conversely. 50% of the visitors definitely visit the restaurant, business center or store they saw on an LED billboard. So the business marketing is done with all thumbs up, isn’t?


Number of possible viewers


Let’s move to next points like the number of possible viewers. LED display billboards are like movies on medium or large screens. Most of the viewers are unconsciously attracted towards ads on digital displays. A greater percentage of viewers or people on the roads purposefully look at the boards. A number of people traveling even daily look at billboards all the time because of quickly changing ads and screens. Static billboards soon become kind of navigational signs only for daily commuters. Why? Because printed ads are not new every day. Human love and admire change. A large number of daily viewers is considerably the biggest advantage of using digital displays for advertisements. Reaching out so easily to unlimited potential customers help to strengthen marketing strategy. By doing so businesses can easily attain half of the business promotion.

How it impacts viewers depends partially on the script and remaining, on how the ad is filmed. Do you know that imprinting impact on viewers is natural and long lasting? The urge continues hitting in the back of customers mind as a driving force to ensure at least a visit to the business center. Traditional billboards miss this feature considerably. This is another advantage of digital advertising over traditional billboards for business promotion.


Digital billboards are more versatile


DOOH with continuous rotating ads on the same screen makes LED billboards more economical and versatile. The same screen is used for different business owners on time sharing bases. In a short interval of time, a variety of products can be advertised. People looking for different products of their own needs and choices can conveniently get essential information. The number of different ads per unit time or repetition after specific intervals are easily adjustable according to the demands of situations. In this way, the digital outdoor display offers advertising capacity much more than static or traditional billboards.




Regarding the size of LED billboards, it can be any size according to industry benchmarks. On wider and open places more audience view from a distance. Therefore, businesses end in putting up bigger sizes while indoors or within communities, medium size billboards are placed. Size selection is a technical concern of LED billboard owners. However, for the businesses, the good news is the availability of reasonable sizes meeting their requirements.

Digital billboards can calculate footfall

Billboards besides using cameras and sensors are employing other techniques to count and recognize vehicles moving around. With this feature, digital billboards have interactivity that notifies to individuals any incentive or business deals around. Digital billboards are now having Geo-location sensors. They will help in initiating special offers according to commuter’s choices, habits, and styles. LED billboards will certainly have a lot more to offer in the future as the marketing techniques are rapidly reshaping.


Always make a smart move


Display location or point of placement is the secret ingredient of installing LED billboards. Businesses should only focus on how much human traffic is around the location. The other important ingredient is the angle of view. At night as LED billboards become more prominent and traditional billboard goes almost silent. Selection of best location adds a big plus to advertising digitally.

Digital billboards are more dynamic

  1. billboards have no comparison with LED billboards when talking about dynamism. Through digital displays, for example, businesses can easily dish out short term incentives of and on as a marketing technique. Rebated sales on some particular day/days as well as ‘throw away sales’ for a few hours, kind of announcements can be pushed in the market easily. Business managers thereby have good control of selling their products or services to maximize their profits. Dynamism is indeed an art. It has multiple benefits because of which businesses invest big amounts in DOOH. Display of changing scenarios in markets in holidays or other high business days, turn digital displays into kind of electronic message centers.   


Digital billboards give a fair estimate


Drawing sales and profit ratios Vs time matrix is a complex job. Business promotion managers may use software to calculate and conclude revenues. There are many variables affecting the end result. LED billboards have in fact provided business managers with a very effective tool. They can now conveniently attract customers just by changing the parameters of the sales-profit matrix at any moment. Also, they can now assess ROI (return on investment) more precisely. This is to ensure how successful digital billboard advertising is going. Traditional billboards lag this feature.


Traditional billboards lack target selling


There are low power technologies that instantly push notification to various mobiles in the vicinity of any specific digital board. This functionality of billboards is easy to understand by considering a quick offer received on a smartphone from a nearby billboard as one passes by. This way billboards can also keep track of the number of smartphones /Bluetooth moving around. This greatly helps the business controllers to make quick business promotion deals. Kind of magic?? Traditional billboards verily lack the feature of targeted marketing.


Digital billboards will definitely takeover traditional billboards

led traditional


So it is apparent that traditional billboards have little to live. Up gradation is possible and inevitable also. Emerging technologies specifically related to electronics usually don’t leave anyone behind. Sooner is always better. Affordability, of course, has always been a consideration. However, the cost-effectiveness of digital billboards as elaborated above in detail provide a sigh of relief. It simply means that unknowingly businesses spent more on traditional marketing while achieving less. This only adds to tensions of drowning money and lagging behind in the market. Even otherwise it is sooner going to be a forgotten story.

LED billboards have many promising advantages over traditional billboards. Advancement in technologies is a continuous mechanism. Businesses who adopt change quickly sustain in the competition.


Digital billboards are not limitation free


LED billboards do have many limitations or drawbacks even if the wear and tear are the least. In the first place LED bulbs to have their certain shelf life. Because of this replacement is mandatory. However, a single LED billboard’s overall life expectancy is near ten years. So, obviously, any business can bear this load without any harms to profits and expansions. Digital video displays, however, require a reliable and continuous source of electrical energy. Any power break down can turn it blank. An independent source of electrical energy (from gas, batteries or solar panels) will always be the additional essential component which will also require vigilant maintenance. This is a considerable drawback. But it is not an issue since LED billboard is not business advertiser’s baby. LED billboards are the property of advertising companies. So they stand responsible for ensuring the operational capabilities of LED displays. Business owners only buy time to advertise their activity or product. New business trends, therefore, enjoy the beauty of technology serving businesses with guaranty, without any worry on possible cuts on profits.


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