What Are The Ways To Promote Business With Outdoor Advertising Signs

Ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs


The idea of promoting your business via advertisement has been around for centuries. However, the ways of promoting your business did change by leaps and bounds. The progress of technology has made a great impact on the promotional techniques of business. Among numerous changes, the most influential and effective change is the usage of LED signs for brand awareness and brand recognition. You can promote business with outdoor advertising signs effectively and no in time. Likewise, indoor LED signs also help increase the return on investment.


LED signs have several advantages and due to these advantages, they have become increasingly popular within a few years of their introduction. Besides promoting your business, LED signs also help in building brand awareness. Digital signs are an excellent way to engage potential consumers and grab their attention. The versatility of LED signs offers business owners numerous possibilities.


Their brightness, long-range visibility and ambiance make a great impact on the targeted audience. The striking brightness helps them stand out. The bright, yet the brilliant light make it possible for the audience to clearly read it up close as well as from a distance. In short, missing an LED sign is nearly impossible.


If you are searching for ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs, you have come to the right place. In the course of this article, we will talk about different ways of outdoor signs for promoting business and the advantages it offers.


Different ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs



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There is no doubt that outdoor advertisement is an effective way to increase foot traffic. If you are able to use outdoor signage effectively, you can generate impressive results. Below are the best possible ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs.


Real-Time Information


One of the major advantages of the LED display is its outstanding ability to change. You can alter the message anytime you like, within seconds and without additional cost. The customization ability of outdoor LED sign makes it more dynamic in comparison to the standard billboards.

Businessperson understands the importance of real-time information and they are using outdoor LEDs' to their full potential. After all, information is the key to success. The endless possibilities of updating digital signage make it possible for the business owners to provide information in real-time.


Outdoor Storefront Promotions


Previously retail owners have been using indoor signage to promote their products and increase return on investment. However, the trends are changing, more and more retailers are now using different ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs.


They understand the merits of outdoor signage offers. According to a study, retails using outdoor digital signs did notice the increased return on investment. They believe that after planting an outdoor LED sign, they were able to increase foot traffic by almost 50-70 percent.


To keep the audience engaged and grab their attention retailers are using different forms of content including graphics, animation, text, audio, and video. They can effectively engage consumer by informing them regarding the latest products and services, promotions, sales and much more.


Large-Scale Entertainment


Among different types of outdoor LED signs, the most popular are large-scale signs including billboards and massive size LED displays for entertainment. These large-scale LED signs offer outstanding visual quality, thus they are the first choice for all outdoor business events.

Retails, business organizations, entrepreneurs understand the importance and the advantages these large-scale entertainment LEDs offer, thus they are utilizing them on a mammoth scale. You can easily see these LEDs in concerts, sports grounds, and other huge social gatherings.

Despite its a board daylight or a night event, massive outdoor LED screen offer great display, visibility, and readability. Their crisp and clear screens are able to deliver the message in an effective and efficient manner. They leave a great impact on potential consumers and have the ability to grab their attention.


Control your Advertising Message


Outdoor LED signs come with “control your advertising message” feature. The modern outdoor LEDs are programmable, you can schedule the time and date of a certain message to flash. This allows a business owner to target different types of an audience at different times without much intervention from their ends.


Having the right artwork along with the right software makes outdoor LED signs extremely strong. If the message contains topical images, vibrant colors, and outstanding content, it will be noticed in no time. Outdoor digital signage offers you endless opportunities to promote your product. It makes it possible for you to advertise your message in an effective manner.


Independent and Reliable Advertising Method



Reliability is the key feature when you try to promote business with outdoor advertising signs. Businesses around the globe understand that an outdoor LED sign outside your business helps identify your location.


In addition, LED signs to have a low maintenance cost. They work 24/7 and 365 days a year. They are effectively promoting your messages without regard to the situation or the conditions.


Unlike static print advisement that needs to be changed after bad weather, outdoor signs are weather resistant. They are designed in a manner that allows them to work regardless of the weather condition. They perform perfectly well in snow as well as in extreme heat.


Respond to Market Change


Businesses that opted for the digital signage such as LED displays over traditional print media typically saw an increase of about 15-150 percent increase in the business, according to U.S. Small Business Administration.


An LED sign has the ability to effectively respond to change. Marketing messages tend to change quickly and only the digital sign offers the flexibility to change your message on demand without incurring additional cost. You can alter the message within seconds and without much hassle. For instance, in winters you can inform the audience about your coats and snow boots promotions, while in summer you can focus on swimsuits and miniskirts.


Right Location


Placing your outdoor LED sign in the right location is important. There is no doubt that you will be branded where you place your digital sign. People who drive by the location will gradually come to know about your business and services. There is a high possibility that they might just become your local clientele.


According to a study by the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, for visual communication, signs are the most important element. The study also states that it is important to have outdoor on-premises signage. The success of many businesses and the efficient functionality of the commerce system rely on the visual communication provided by the on-premises business signs.


Increase product awareness and booking with tuned messages


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LED displays offer numerous opportunities for every type of business. For instance, if you are running a spa business, you can advertise your deals via outdoor LED signs. In addition, you can increase booking opportunities with finely tuned messages.


For example, you can show open slots on relatively slow appointments or last-minute cancellations. To attract consumers, you can add a free chair-massage for these walk-in clients. This will not only boost your brand image but also leave a lasting impression on the potential audience. After all, everyone does love to enjoy free services.


Showcase Business Philosophy


Outdoor LED display provides you the opportunity to highlight your business philosophy in an entertaining and engaging manner. When you display messages supporting your business philosophy, you are actually promoting your brand and business without making it very apparent.


At times indirect business advertisement yields a better result in comparison to advertising business directly. For example, a spa business can display a message regarding the importance of a message, its impact on the human body. Messages about exercise, healthy lifestyle, wellness, etc. will create awareness among the audience, and they a good call to action will get them at your business doorstep. This all is possible because possible due to LED’s signs ability to update and change.


LED signs are Energy Efficient


For years, organizations have been paying extensively for advertisement, but this ends with modern outdoor LED signs. Initially, the digital LED signs consumed a lot of energy, however, advancement in technology has led to energy-efficient LED signs.


Companies are able to save 100s’ of dollars due to these energy efficient LEDs. Despite better results in comparison to previous outdoor advertising methods, outdoor LEDs are also low on energy consumption. It is like they can operate for a few pennies a day.


LEDs today come with automatic dimming feature and adjustable brightness settings, thus they keep power cost down by using only what is imperative.


Reduce Advertising Costs


Despite the common belief that LEDs are expensive, they are perhaps the most cost-effective advertisement technique you have ever come across. Outdoor LEDs area one-time investment. They come with outstanding long-life and low maintenance cost.


In addition, you can edit your message as many times as you want. Unlike traditional printing where you actually have to pay for every editing, Outdoor LEDs make it possible for you to make changes without paying a penny more. On average an outdoor LED sign cost per 1,000 views is not more than 15 cents. This is much less in comparison to $7 newspaper ad.


Offers the opportunity to create a positive brand image


When you can edit as many times as you like without paying extra, you can create a positive brand image without hassle. Instead of always displaying your advertising content, you can always a lot some of your messages to public service announcements and community events.

Doing this will show that your brand cares more than just itself. Thus, it will lead to a positive image and the consumers will have a sense of affection for your brand. This indirectly will increase your business, as people will feel obligated to support your business.


Bolster Other Marketing efforts


Among different ways to promote business with outdoor advertising signs, bolstering your current marketing efforts is perhaps the most effective one. You can use LED signs to complement other marketing efforts by promoting client loyalty programs, sales, promotions or discounts.


If your display message links to your social media or website for more details, it is bound to generate traffic to your e-business, thus increase revenue offline. The more people come across your online marketing campaign, the more they are likely to join in with the offline campaign.


Invest in Quality


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Instead of considering an LED sign as capital expenditure, you should consider it as advertising expensive due to its reliability and durability. Outdoor LED signs offer you tremendous opportunities to promote your brand for years to come without incurring any future costs.


LED signs are feature-rich products and they offer a number of reliable services. You can display all and every type of message without actually worrying about the limitation. Outdoor LED signs open new doors for advertisement. They have the ability to take product advertisement to a fundamentally whole new level. This one time investment will to increase return on investment, enhance brand image and increase brand awareness in no time.


Outdoor LED signs are here to Stay


LED display technology is constantly improving to further facilitate consumers. Instead of old pixel board technology, the modern outdoor LED signs incorporate the fine dot-pitch technology. Thus, they offer clearer and crisp images in comparison to old LED signs.


The latest LED signs have the ability to render images at an amazing resolution. They support full-motion images, full color and are effective even in board daylight. In addition, the new generation LEDs can be seen up close without distorting the images.


You can now promote business with outdoor advertising signs effectively. This one-time investment has a low maintenance cost, it offers unlimited updating possibilities, allows you to create brand awareness, enhances brand image and allows you to become a good citizen by letting you display community services message.


With outdoor digital signs, you can bolster your other marketing campaigns and promote your business philosophy. This weather-resistant advertisement medium can generate 75 percent more referrals and increase foot traffic. It is adaptable to the changing marketing conditions and can work in extreme weather conditions.