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 Do you know the recent Outdoor LED display market trend?


The mechanics of the modern advertising world has changed tremendously. A big round of applause for LED invention. LED basically stands for a light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor that emits light of various wavelengths in the visible spectrum. An outdoor LED signage in simple words is a flat panel screen or display. It constitutes a number of LEDs grouped in a pixel. These pixels help in content display. These screens exhibit high brightness. Outdoor LED displays include outdoor digital signs, video walls, LED billboards and perimeter boards.


Valuation of the global LED market


In 2016, the Global Outdoor LED display market worth around $4billion. By 2023 the figures are estimated to show an increasing trend of around $14 billion. The CAGR will increase by 21.7% from 2017-2023.



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Do you know that among all outdoor LED display application digital billboards earned maximum revenue in 2016? While individually mounted segment played a key role in market growth. It is hoped that for upcoming years the CAGR will grow by more than 20%.

Key players of the outdoor LED display market

For the year 2016, Asia-Pacific clearly dominated the outdoor LED display market. It captured around 40% of the total market share in 2016. The industry is expected to flourish more in the upcoming years. Other potential key players are Japan, China, India, and other countries.

Increasing popularity of outdoor LED display

Outdoor digital displays are becoming popular day by day. This is largely due to innovation and advancements in the technological make-up of outdoor LED displays. Today wireless control systems, high brightness, crisp picture quality and automated LED displays have triggered massive sales. The hi-tech development of modern LED displays has expanded the application of this very useful product. They are extensively used in open venue events, sports galas, carnivals, concerts, and other metrological updates.


Why outdoor LED displays are trending?


Outdoor LED displays are massively trending because of improved shelf life and brightness as compared to LCD displays. Also, continuous evolving technology is boosting its proliferation to even small cities and towns. For instance, dual-color LED or full color LED displays have successful market like monochrome LED displays. The brand impact has really scaled up like never before. Increased brightness levels magnify the image content and thus the brand worth. Outdoor LED displays engage the viewer for more duration than ordinary TV screens or conventional billboards.


Reasons for adopting outdoor LED displays


Today the business world is ferocious. Every day a new challenge is there. A successful business is one that has the maximum presence. The outdoor business advertising expenditure is surely increasing. Also, viewers prefer the business with interactive dealing or promotions. These driving factors have raised the demand for outdoor LED displays. Additionally, an increasing number of exhibitions, festivals, sports events, and entertainment shows have boosted up outdoor LED display trend. Also, in recent years outdoor LED signs on cars are trending. Besides this, reduced cost and energy efficacy have made such displays popular among masses. That is why from 2014-2023 we are expecting that CAGR will continue to grow.


Outdoor LED Display Market


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Prevailing outdoor LED display market trends


DAKCO has successfully managed communication and advertising outdoors. The company verily knows the complexities of the outdoor environment. Therefore, outdoor LED displays are equipped with weather-resistant attributes. To serve the purpose of clarity and long distance viewership crisp brightness and perfect image quality are necessary. And DAKCO never neglects important areas. We will be further guiding our reader about ongoing trends in the outdoor LED market.


Outdoor LED video wall display


Due to a large number of market players the competition is really heating up. Many times the same installation point become an apple of discord. The outdoor digital displays may run multiple contents in different time slots. But sometimes brands of the same niche do not agree with this idea. Outdoor LED video wall display is a unique idea to advertise the product. You can do so by placing screens on the outer side of any large building or their walls and windows. Since outdoor LED video wall is characterized by its video playing function sometimes viewer goes in Trans.


Main features:


Advertising and marketing are all about gaining audience attention and retaining it. And undoubtedly visual technique and color scheme plays a substantial role. Outdoor LED digital sign is all set to go for a successful promotional campaign.

True color technology: Outdoor LED walls feature True Color Technology hence it offers right brightness, contrast, and resolutions. It is preferred over conventional LCD video walls. Why? Because LCD walls were basically backlit displays. This old technology impairs the resultant picture along with contrast and brightness.

Customization: Outdoor LED video walls can be customized according to requirements. They appear seamless due to meticulous integration of display screens. You can make your content more impacting with add-ons. You might include flash animation, HD images besides live news feed or live telecast straight from the stadium.

Remember the difference: Indoor LED video wall is different from outdoor LED video wall according to resolution and pixel pitch. The Outdoor LED video walls are easily scalable. They can be integrated with several online data sources, public feedbacks, digital or stored content. These displays can work both offline and online. Different screen layouts can also be customized to transmit different sort of content.


Creative outdoor LED displays


Curves naturally have attraction, and same goes with outdoor digital display. Creative installation and uniqueness in shape impact the viewer more than regular shapes. 3D display screen is the new trend these days. Besides this arc screen, cube shape display, soft screen, and irregular displays are very much in vogue. However, remember that not every company excels in creative designing. But DAKCO holds firm command in this area. Normally these outdoor LED displays contain P4 black LED lights powered by high refresh rates, high definition and grey scale.

Digital LED mobile billboard

Digital LED mobile is the most popular outdoor marketing trend these days. It is fun yet it fulfills the advertising purpose. Digital billboard truck is more often called as a mobile billboard. It is a device used for marketing and advertising displayed on the sides of the movable vehicle. Normally giant trucks offer a great screen space so the name is associated with it.


Innovation at its peak


Stationary billboards require operational licenses and other legal requirements to pursue advertising. Truck billboards are also banned in certain countries yet the controls are not so stringent. Mobile billboards can now reach the places where the mounted digital billboard can’t. To electrifying the charm of the billboards you can use some add-ons. Illumination, external speakers, sound systems coupled with LED panels are few to name.


Space Saver


Box-type trucks used for cargo shipment are ideal for the mobile 3D display case. Whatever the business wishes to advertise, they can showcase via boxes. Today these truck billboards are extensively trending. They offer instant awareness about ongoing sales, launching of new products, and clearance of old stock or information about an upcoming event.


Effectiveness of LED digital billboard truck


Researches on mobile billboards efficacy revealed extraordinary results. The recall rate for the outdoor truck/mobile billboard is around 97%. A large number of population around 91% notice the graphics or text that runs on LED digital mobile billboards, and 96% of respondents voted for truck billboard more effective than conventional outdoor advertising. 80% of the viewers can easily remember the exact advertisement they watch on truck billboards. Do you know that 94% remember that they saw some related advertisement on billboards? The digital mobile LED billboards have massively increased sales by 107%.


Roadside LED sign


Roadside LED sign is the new outdoor LED display market trend. Gone are the days when a neon sign was the preferred mode of advertising. We truly agree that neon signs were reliable, efficient, safe, and relatively longer shelf lives. Besides this instant availability and pleasing aesthetics were an added advantage.


Why roadside LED signs are preferred for outdoor display?


Roadside LED signs have taken the world by storm. It has successfully replaced the conventional signs. These digital LED displays give a cost reduction of around 10 percent than traditional ones. Of course, energy conservation is a very big issue these days. Since the makeup of digital roadside display is sturdy, it can bear a rough and tough environment. They waste less energy. Roadside LED signs are the best option for windy and stormy areas. Though they may fail to operate when power supply cuts yet they can manage to endure harsh conditions than ordinary signboards.


Expectations of the modern world


Digital LED displays are full of advantages and there is no denial in that. However, modern technology is not affordable for small to medium businesses. Since the advantages are huge people today expect a cheaper LED display solution to cadre less income group. Also, it is a great tool for them to magnify their sales.

Distant controlling: To increase the viewership normally multiple billboards are installed. All of them require remote controlling to synchronize the display content. Big businesses definitely require scheduling software to align the working of several billboards.


Monochrome outdoor LED displays


As the name indicates monochrome displays employ single color LED. They come in various colors like red, blue, and yellow. However, to achieve maximum brightness DAKCO always suggests to employing red monochrome LED. These displays are ideal for places where text require the main attention. Remember sometimes images and pictures can distract the viewer from the focal point. So, you will extensively find monochrome LED outdoor displays at public space, platforms, and mass transit terminals.


Amazing features


Extraordinary readability: Monochrome outdoor displays may contain pitch ranging from 4mm -10mm. They can offer display brightness of 7000 nits at maximum. But this score is sufficient enough to display the content in a clear way even in high-intensity sunlight. The brightness feature normally works well for 100,000 hours. Always remember that in the presence of ambient lighting digital displays automatically adjust their brightness.

Robustness and trustworthiness: These electronic signs can endure harsh conditions well. They are capable to withstand temperature variation between ‑35 °C to +55 °C. Monochrome displays can continuously work for 100,000 hours.

Reduced life-cycle costs: This feature is only available while dealing with amazing digital manufacturers like DAKCO. Why? Because state of the art technology and industrial quality components make the product more reliable than any other manufacturer. Low life cycle cost is definitely a sigh of relief. As the businesses can concentrate on their core activities rather than fixing the faulty signs.


Full-color outdoor LED signs


Embedding all features of monochrome LEDs full-color outdoor displays are the talk of the town these days. They can simply stand out any business on any location. These LEDs are appealing, innovative and deliver advertising motive with utmost efficiency. Full-color outdoor LED displays can effortlessly display text, animation, and graphics. Dynamic advertising is super easy with such digital signs.




Optional component video or analog VGA inputs

Automatic 8 level display brightness control

Displays may be multi-face offering up to 8 faces


Reasons why outdoor LED displays are trending?


High Definition: Big names like DAKCO will never disappoint you. They produce immensely effective HD LED screens. Their displays are neatly capable of showing control systems and multi-channel monitoring information. High brightness and high resolution are the default features of HD outdoor LED displays. Besides operating on intelligent software system they are resilient to harsh weather condition. The composition material is rust-free. Companies normally use aluminum as an anti-oxidation agent. However, for sunny bright days, these displays have in-built cooling systems.

Nanosecond display technology: The processing speed has geared up like anything in recent times. Digital displays today are both trustworthy and quick. There is no room for the delay because the audience has a very low attention span and tolerance level. Therefore, nanosecond technology is on the cards. It offers better refresh rates, wipes out LED screen tailing and provides best HD picture quality. The technology rightly works on improving the color contrast ratio. Also, it greatly offers on-point brightness, a wide range of viewing angles and much more.