Tips On Gaining Clients For Digital Billboard Advertising

Lets Have a Look to Amazing Tips on Gaining Clients for Digital Billboard Advertising


Digital billboard advertising is undoubtedly growing by leaps and bounds. The endless benefits are the talk of the town. Digital billboard advertising is a win-win situation for all the involved parties. In fact, many enterprises and wealthy individuals may find it as a lucrative investment. A sizeable revenue can be earned by renting out digital billboard space. Remember like every investment digital signs also involve risk and reward system. So, owners always keep on devising ways and strategies to attract more clients.


We strongly hope that digital billboard owners while hiring the space carefully carry out market research. In simple terms, you have worked on the perquisites of advertising. Like you have spotted the right advertising place having maximum visibility. Selecting an ad space on the steep, lonely, curvy turnpike is, of course, a big no. and if you did that then we are sorry even our tips and tricks won’t help you much. However, for smart investors, we have sorted some important points that will help to gain clients for billboard advertising.


Market the billboard availability but not for long


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It is a very common approach to advertise the available billboard space on your own billboard. That makes sense too! But there is a downside of this approach too. Advertisers or critical viewers may question the effectiveness of your billboard. For instance, if your ad is displayed on the billboard for months other parties may question its productivity. If my billboard is not fetching any clients to me how would it help other businesses? Got it! So be careful about this point.


Inspect your billboards


It is always a good idea to run a quality check before offering digital billboard advertising space. If this is your first time you may hire consultants to help you in this regard. Else the former customer can pinpoint the areas of improvement. Remember no one is perfect. Improvisation is a lifelong process so never feel demotivated. Also, always keep cordial relations with your clients even after termination of the contract. Customers are a resourceful asset and they can bring some fantastic advertising opportunities for your digital billboards.


Be prepared to answer customers


Brush your skills and confidence level prior to entering digital billboard business. You should be clear in your words, thoughts, and explanations. Logically you can’t sell anything till you have in-depth knowledge. Same goes with selling digital billboard advertising space. You should exactly know the mechanism of how ad space is acquired, content is displayed, technical requirements, automation and running via software and all possible questions. There is no harm in taking online assistance.


One more suitable way is to contact the right digital billboard manufacturer like DAKCO. You may ask them to guide thoroughly about the entire worrying mechanism. Practice each point in front of the mirror to sound more professional and confident in front of customers.


Early bird discounts


To enter the business world market penetration is the initial step. Please don’t expect that one night you will hire a billboard and the next day you will be earning sufficient income. Life is easy if we keep our expectations real. There is nothing bad if you start attracting local clients first and then gear up the pace. It is a wise strategy to analyze existing businesses within 5-mile circle of the billboard. Enlighten small to medium scale businesses about their future prospects if they pursue an outdoor LED sign advertisement. Attract them by offering an early bird discount. Let’s suppose announce that first 10 or 15 advertisers will get 50% off for the initial month or first two months. You can also offer a free month trial and charge for the later months.


Outdoor LED billboards are extremely fruitful so never worry about early discounts to customers. In fact, it is your future investment that will fetch more clients. A satisfied client exactly has a domino effect. A series of more customers are present behind each of the satisfied clients. So always look at the bigger picture.


Referrals work their charm


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Referrals are always magical in the advertising world. Of course, everybody loves free stuff. Numerous small businesses are already tight on finances. But if they get an opportunity to advertise publicly on outdoor LED displays in compensation of referring to a client. Think! Think once again. Small to medium businesses never want to miss an advertising opportunity that too without a cost. Rather they will act as your brand ambassador for the digital billboard. Businesses are interlinked with multiple resourceful contacts. So referral mechanism can bridge the gap between potential client and the digital billboard owner.


Bless the loyal customers


Every individual feels great when acknowledged. Don’t forget to bless the loyal clients with additional incentives. For instance, if any business enters in the contract to purchase multiple outdoor LED billboards from you. Let’s say 10 billboards at multiple locations for a 12-18 month time period. You can offer a free digital LED billboard advertising space somewhere else in the town. Or even give them an advertising time slot in the busiest area. These incentives always attract clients and with the passage of time the bond strengthens.


Reach the right client for the right location


Things work effectively when they are channelized and targeted. Once you have outdoor LED billboard advertising space work out the plan. Let’s suppose you acquire an LED sign on a way leading to backward or rural areas of the town. Do you think it would be wise to offer such space to a hi-end boutique or cosmetic store? Of course not! Now look another way around. What if you offer such LED billboard space to the truck dealership or companies selling yard equipment. Even if crop related content is displayed that is fine too. Relevancy is of utmost importance in the advertising world. Success is directly proportional to the relevancy level.


The vicinity around posh areas is a perfect place to display hi-end brands. So if by luck you own any digital billboard at such prime location you are really fortunate. Renowned brands are mostly loyal to their billboard locations.


Always do homework


Efficiency always rocks. While approaching any potential client always do some homework else he would hardly listen to any of your points. First of all, analyze the nature of the business, its target audience, and its operational mechanism and then start convincing. Please don’t be like a regular sales rep. mostly they are considered irritating. Be precise and clear about what you are saying. You can get some printed flyers along to enlighten them about the benefits of outdoor advertising via LED billboards. Words are effective but they are less remembered. On the other hand, printed material is remembered for a longer period. Now don’t get simple text written on plain paper and get it photocopied.


For God sake do everything in a professional way. You are hunting for LED billboard clients so think big. Design your flyers with catchy color and catchy content. Please don’t go the extra mile in documenting the potential in illustrating everything. The client will not have that much time to ponder. It is good if you inculcate a secretive tone and let the other people inquire.


Jot down perks of digital billboard advertising


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Business and advertising world is all about money. Where there is the slightest chance of earning bucks people listen to you. So talk more about financial aspects. But include other perks as well. Let’s see the points you could include


  • LED billboards include the benefits of all other advertising mediums
  • If you are using digital billboards, you can update the content on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis. It’s entirely up to you. Even you can change the content with real time. Digital billboard advertising is highly flexible.
  • Advertisers can display or advertise multiple products simultaneously. For instance, if a brand operates in shoes, bags, and jewelry. There is certainly no need to hire three separate LED billboards. Rather the advertiser can run each ad alternatively changing at set interval. Isn’t that great? No need to talk to multiple digital sign owners.
  • Digital billboards are eye-catching due to their in-built quality. They are huge and thus more visible to a distant audience. They effortlessly grab more viewership
  • You can employ day parting, it means that you can restrict specific ads to a certain time of the whole day. For instance, restrict beer or condom ad in school timing.
  • Digital billboard advertising is extremely hassle-free because the printing cost is zero.
  • Dynamic content is the biggest advantage of digital billboard advertising. No other advertising form could be so influential than dynamic content. And by the way, only digital billboards deliver dynamic content. Election polls, weather update, sports score, and live feed are all available on digital billboards. Businesses if incorporate these tools along with their brand publicity will surely get more impressions.
  • While hiring digital billboards for the sake of advertisement the operational cost is very low. LEDs consume much less power and voltage than traditional signage. Their maintenance cost is also very low. They require occasional cleaning. That too is a simple process
  • Advertisers can market their business through digital billboards in any season. Be it a rainy weather or sunny days digital billboards operate at the same efficiency level.


Reminders are important


One time advertising is not enough while seeking clients for a digital billboard advertisement. However, frequent reinforcement is essential. Even if the client refuses to hire your digital billboard space he may refer your name if someone else needs.


Don’t forget to leave the right contact details


Right contact details are extremely important. Whether you are advertising available digital billboard space via flyers or by any means provide absolute details. Give the number that is directly accessible and mention your available timings too. We recommend keeping your professional number different from your personal number.

Quote the best price

If you are new to digital billboard advertising quoting the right price may seem difficult to you. You can figure the reasonable estimate easily. Simply observe vacant digital billboards around and pen down the contact detail. Contact the owner and ask all terms and conditions. Bargain on price to check out how much discount you can get. After you have collected quotes from all digital billboard owners calculate the average value. Now quote that average value for the advertising space of the digital billboard. You may try reducing the price initially to grab customer attention.


Pick the right digital billboard manufacturer


Always partner with the right digital billboard manufacturer. Companies like DAKCO excels in LED display solutions. Clients prefer reliable digital billboard as their ad campaigns can run smoothly without any downtime.


Educate clients about better return on investment


Digital billboard advertising is more impacting then television and radio. Educate clients about how they can improve their return on investment substantially by using the ad space correctly. You may offer them a free trial period to evaluate before and after sales. Digital signs verily improve ROI so never regret this generous offer.


Guide clients about how to deliver the message across


Small to the medium business enterprise may sometime feel overwhelmed with the idea of outdoor digital billboard advertising. The issue is not with finances. But the issue persists about what to advertise. Putting too much content on the LED billboard may simply waste the resource. This is the right time to console and guide the client. Educate them about ongoing advertising trends. How to compose message correctly to effectively deliver the message.


to research, viewers can only spare 6 seconds for any digital billboard. So, keep the word count to six maximum. Tell them ways how they can cause a stir in general public via striking lines. Also, which colors will gather more human impressions and which font is more readable. All these Nitti gritty is worth pondering. The client will definitely appreciate your goodwill gesture and feel motivated in working with you.