LEDs - How to Verify The Quality?

Yes, we are talking about LEDs for "LED displays" only.

Everybody knows the importance of "LEDs" to "LED displays" - it is the source. However, to verify LEDs' quality is not as easy as to understand the importance. When you perform due diligence to the possible suppliers, you may receive answers such as "14 mil", "Epistar", or "Nationstar". The difficult thing is how do you know their corresponding optical performance and the reliability in long term, the more difficult thing is how do you know if the led display manufacturers really use their claimed one.

To know it better, it requires to conduct a lot of tests, with the aid of professional instruments. Unfortunately, it's not performed well and enough, even for many led display manufacturers.

To this situation, our suggestion is (only when you believe the potential supplier is trustworthy) asking about the "wire-bonding".

Yes comparatively, a good question is – Are the LEDs with Gold wire bonding?

Although “Gold wire” is not equal to high quality LED, and there are arguments of “Copper wire” is better due to higher thermal and electrical conductivity, “Gold wire” is still the best indicator to high quality LEDs. Why?

No matter where you buy LED displays, there is pretty good chance that the LEDs are packaged in China. LED packaging companies in China grade the products conventionally according to the chips quality. High grade chips are with Gold wire bonding, and better packaging material & technology for higher - end markets & customers.

So eventually Gold wire bonding LEDs tend to be quality higher.


If you still doubt, we would like to conduct a test to your samples and show you how the LEDs really performs. The purchasing of led display may take longer than you expected, but it worths the efforts because it's not a small investment, and you need a trouble free performance.