PCB'A to Led Display

What components and parts would you inquire into, to predict the general performance of a led display? LED, driver IC, or switch power supply? The best answer is PCB’A.

As the abbr. of Printed Circuit Board Assembly, PCB’A means a process, and is also widely understood as the finished board with all related components & parts assembled.

In led display product, PCB’A refers to the module board with LEDs, driver ICs, resistors, capacitors, and connectors assembled, which is fully electrically & electronically functional.

As the “core” of led display, PCB’A covers design, material selection, processing craft and quality control all the aspects.

Excellent PCB’A relies on high quality and solid components, however, which are not enough.

Only with scientific analysis to each material’s characteristics, adopting and processing them in the best way, can achieve the goal.